• Título Brahma Sutras According To Sankara
  • Autor Swami Vireswarananda
  • Idioma Inglés
  • Editorial Advaita Ashrama
  • Formato Papel
  • Subgéneros Yoga y meditación
  • Tipo de narración Poesía
  • ISBN 8175050063


Brahma Sutras According To Sankara Translated English

By Swami Vireswarananda


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Publisher: Advaita Ashrama
ISBN: 8175050063
Language: b(with Text Word-for Translation, English Rendering, Comments According and Index)
Size: 7.2" X 4.6"
Other Details: Weight of the Book 500 grams

About the Book

In 555 Sutras or aphorisms the BRAHMA-SUTRAS systematizes the philosophy of the Upanishads. Swami Vereswarananda'a is the first English translation of the text, with word-for-word English rendering and exhaustive notes based mainly on Shankaracharya's commentary, and Tikas on it by scholiasts of his school. The licid and instructive introduction contains an enlightening exposition of Adhyasa or superimposition, besides a comparative study of Shankara, Ramanuja, and Nimbarka.


"Though based on the Bhashya, the book is neither a translation nor even an abridgment of the same; all that is important in the Bhashya has been embodied in the English commentary; while no essential point has been left out, a few of the pregnant hints scattered throughout the Bhashya have been elaborated in the commentary; the inclusion of the exposition of Adhyasa, rarely to be found even in Sanskrit work of this class, has added to the worth of the book and the insertion of the gist of Adhikarnas, to its usefulness."
-The Modern Review

"Readable and clear and, so far as we have examined it quite reliable and students will be grateful for the help it affords them in understanding the Adhyasa Bhashya, which is as difficult as it is important."
-The Hindu

"Such an English Translation of this highly philosophical work as the present one was badly needed. Gives a faithful summary of the arguments of Sankaracharya's commentary on the sutras without in any way detracting from the strength of clarity of the original exposition. The author has accomplished his task in a most praiseworthy manner."
-Bombay Chronicle

"To me it is an outstanding specimen of Indian scholarship - conceived with great clarity in its scheme of presentation, and executed with painstaking fidelity to tradition. It should prove to be an invaluable addition to the library of anyone interested in the study of Vedic truths. I was particularly interested in your handling of Sankara's convincing views on superimposition. I should like to congratulate you on the book's excellent format superior to any book from an Indian Press which I have upon my shelves.
-Hamish McLaurin, Writer on Eastern
Philosophy, California, U. S. A.

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Brahma Sutras According To Sankara Translated English Yoga

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