Starting with "Who Do You Love," "As Long as You Love Me," and "10,000 Promises," there can be no mistaking that the Backstreet Boys do indeed have real musical talent. The solo section begins with Brian Littrell singing "That's What She Said/Where Can We Go from Here?" and accompanying himself on guitar, followed by A.J. McLean doing a soulful "Lay Down Beside Me." Nick Carter performs "I Need You Tonight" and Howie shines on "My Heart Stays with You." Kevin closes the solo section with a beautiful, untitled piano instrumental. Finally, the boys return to the stage for "Like a Child," the up-tempo "All I Have to Give," a medley of "If I Don't Have You/I'll Never Break Your Heart," "Quit Playing Games with My Heart," and a new arrangement of "Let's Have a Party." The stylish video versions of "All I Have to Give" and "I'll Never Break Your Heart" are also included to complete this 70-minute "night out."

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Backstreet Boys: A Night Out With The Backstreet Boys

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